Telemis and Mindpeak Announce Partnership to Expand Access to Leading AI Software for Breast Cancer


Telemis and Mindpeak Announce Partnership to Expand Access to Leading AI Software for Breast Cancer 

Companies partner to bring robust AI capabilities to routine clinical diagnosis


LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE, BELGIUM and HAMBURG, GERMANY — SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 -- Telemis, the medical imaging and digital pathology specialist and Mindpeak, Europe's leading provider of AI software for pathology, , today announced a distribution partnership, which will enable pathologists to use Mindpeak’s algorithms for multiple cancer tissues like breast, lung, gastric and other pathologies, directly within the viewer of the TM-Microscopy platform. This partnership enhances Telemis Digital Pathology platform via deep integration of Mindpeak’s AI software, e.g. for PD-L1 or HER2 scoring, which are already in routine clinical use in the US and EU.

A quick and reproducible diagnosis is important for clinicians to provide  their patients with the right treatments as soon as possible. Many such treatments depend on predictive biomarkers scored via immunohistochemically-stained tissue slides. Mindpeak’s “0-Click” algorithms analyse the corresponding digital images, in the background, directly after scanning. Therefore, when the patient’s case is opened through TM-Microscopy, a quantitative biomarker score plus single-cell results are immediately available.

By combining Mindpeak’s state-of-the-art AI software  with TM-Microscopy’s innovative workflows and fast viewer, our partnership will allow hospitals and laboratories to diagnose cancer cases quicker and more reproducibly,” said Stephane Ketelaer, CEO of Telemis. “We are excited to help our clients provide accurate diagnoses faster in clinical routine with our powerful, combined solution. Integrating our products will increase the adoption of digital pathology workflows more broadly.

This partnership will help make cancer diagnosis quicker, more accurate and more reproducible,” said Felix Faber, Founder and CEO at Mindpeak. “I am excited about our combined offering with our 0-click AI solutions providing instantaneous biomarker readouts through a streamlined workflow for clinical routine.


Telemis is a healthcare IT company specialised in Digital Pathology, PACS/MACS (Picture/Multimedia Archiving & Communication System) and Healthcare Business Intelligence solutions. Our solutions allow healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics), private practices and OEM partners to manage digital imaging and healthcare data more efficiently.   

About Mindpeak
Mindpeak is Europe's leading provider of AI software for pathology. More than 20,000 patients have already been diagnosed with the help of Mindpeak's AI. With a focus on tissue biomarker analysis and discovery, Mindpeak serves clinical laboratories and biopharma companies around the world. Mindpeak's algorithms were the first AI in digital pathology to be used in routine clinical diagnostics in the US and EU.



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