Teleradiology and 24/7 care: a reality in Deauville and Lisieux.

In order to ensure complete 24/7 healthcare coverage, in the Pays d'Auge, Côte Fleurie Hospital and Lisieux Hospital have implemented teleradiology technology, whereby each location is equipped with its own administrative system and its own RIS. What does this mean? Radiological emergency services and, in recent months, some teleradiology services are provided jointly by Deauville and Lisieux. The scan is conducted in Deauville, based on the instructions issued by the teleradiologist under the supervision of an anaesthetist, and the images can be accessed from the hospital in Lisieux for reporting purposes. In a matter of seconds, the imaging study is made accessible to the radiologist on duty in Lisieux. The teleradiologist deals with the incoming imaging request and the patient in his/her RIS and is able to use his/her usual tools such as voice recognition, PACS console, and so on. As the investigation request is essential for diagnosis, it is also available and archived. Once the report is drawn up in the RIS of Lisieux Hospital, it is sent again via secure email to the requesting location. The verdict ? As Dr. J. Albisetti confirms: "The driving force behind this achievement has been primarily medical. Likewise, the use of Telemis has met a practical need at a lower cost to institutions, and offers easy access to images in our usual working interface. Our whole medical group has endorsed the system unanimously." 30/05/2013

A regional, or rather, a cantonal archive!

The outsourced imaging archive in Neuchâtel In 2011, the hospitals of the Neuchâtel canton in Switzerland chose to install a Telemis PACS, and to connect all 7 facilities within the same image network. The project entailed the recovery of an existing PACS archive, and the installation of a cantonal archive, to store all medical imaging produced since 2004 in a single safe and decentralised place. Over 9 years of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy images (DICOM-RT) are now held entirely outside the infrastructure of any hospital, within the Centre Electronique de Gestion de Neuchâtel, and are instantly accessible by all public hospitals in the canton area. The Centre Electronique de Gestion de Neuchâtel (CEG) "The Centre Electronique de Gestion (CEG) is the IT headquarters of Neuchâtel", reports Mr Daniel Crevoisier, Head of CEG. "Its activity ranges from technical installation project management to the maintenance of implemented systems. The canton of Neuchâtel has a network that connects all the buildings housing the local public authorities via highspeed broadband (1Gb/s)". For the last 2 years, the CEG has hosted the canton's entire archive of medical images. A copy of this archive is also made outside the building on a daily basis, in order to guarantee that data held in archival storage is permanently safe. The CEG also hosts the TM-Publisher Web server, which makes images available for use by all GPs, and extending the idea of filmless hospital to the whole region. So why have both a centralised and an outsourced archive? The main reason was to spread the risks in terms of archiving and to facilitate the maintenance of the systems at peripheral locations. This explains the existence of an architecture that is both centralised within the CEG and distributed locally in the form of temporary storage of the most recent archives. If one of the three servers is unavailable, the user thus has two further possibilities for accessing the images. As Christian Isch, Head of the PACS project in Neuchâtel, confirms: "Having such security available means that physical and networkrelated maintenance operations can be transparent. The effects of the rare planned outages that are needed as we develop our infrastructure have not even been felt by users!" The overall appraisal Mr Fabrizio De Biase, PACS technical project manager at the CEG, concludes: "The overall appraisal is excellent. The architecture that has been used, which is designed to be both simple and effective, meets all our expectations". 29/03/2013

Medical imaging specialist Telemis expands European operations with Swiss subsidiary.

New company supports significant demand for PACS implementations in Switzerland. Telemis, the medical imaging company specialising in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solutions, has further expanded its European operations by opening a new subsidiary in Switzerland. Based in Neuchâtel, Telemis SA/AG has been created to address growing demand for the company’s PACS technologies from public and private sector medical facilities. The new Swiss office joins the group’s other registered European offices in Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg, and comes two years after Telemis started working in Switzerland. During that time a growing number of Swiss health care professionals - including radiologists, clinicians and doctors – have started to use Telemis-Medical systems in their daily lives to access, analyse, compare and share radiographic examinations and nuclear medicine imaging. From the start Telemis has offered public and private Swiss healthcare facilities a comprehensive range of imaging technologies, including integrated PACS and RIS (radiology information system) solutions. One of the company’s first successes was the implementation of a PACS system to give general practitioners in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel instant access to patient radiography data via secure web portals. As a result, the use of film, paper and CD-ROMs in the area has almost been eliminated. The new Telemis subsidiary will support the ongoing growth of the company’s business in Switzerland while maintaining the highest possible levels of service to existing and new customers alike. Telemis CEO, Stephane Ketelaer, comments: "The Swiss organization underlines our ongoing commitment to the Swiss market, which has become increasingly important over the last two years. The new subsidiary is also in line with our international expansion strategy to build on the success in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Italy that has seen over 180 sites successfully installed and serviced." Telemis customers are also pleased with the news, as Dr. Anne-Françoise Roud, the medical director of Hôpital neuchâtelois confirms: "I’m delighted that Telemis has chosen to open a Swiss office. Even with modern communications close proximity between customers and suppliers is desirable for creating strong relationships. And though our solution is fully deployed, a Telemis presence in Switzerland will no doubt provide continuity in the business relationship; it will also help with the implementation evolution, by integrating a host of smaller features that reflect the uniqueness of the Swiss market." Christian Isch, Project Manager PACS/RIS of Hôpital neuchâtelois, adds: "With the Internet and remote connections physical proximity of the supplier may seem unnecessary when providing a maintenance service. However, choosing to establish a subsidiary shows that Telemis wants to take its Swiss relationships further and offer the local human contact that makes all the difference." 24/01/2013

Telemis introduces next-generation 4.4 PACS software.

New 'Easy' & 'Everywhere' software features deliver comprehensive comparison, sharing and mobility functions Telemis, the specialist in medical imaging solutions, is launching a new version of its popular Picture Archiving and Communication Software (PACS) at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) exhibition and congress in Paris. Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.4 now features simplified comparison of previous images, improved sharing capabilities, and new functions that support mobile access. The new 4.4 PACS developed by Telemis is built around two key concepts: 'Easy' and 'Everywhere'. Easy: For many years now, Telemis has highlighted its mono and multimodal comparison capabilities. The new version includes instant comparison features that simplify patient assessments, speed oncological observations and follow-up, and help with comparative interpretation of ICU imaging (Intensive Care Unit). Everywhere: Access to remote images via teleradiology or through a simple consultation with a family doctor is already a daily reality for users of Telemis PACS. Version 4.4 brings further significant advances in terms of remote viewing and streaming of captured images and reports. Furthermore the updated TM-Publisher Web - a regional image distribution solution from Telemis - now has an interface optimized for tablets including the iPad 3 and devices running on Android 4.0. Telemis has also made major improvements in the area of multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and the overlay of the PT / CT images used in nuclear medicine. In addition a new "pause" mode allows radiologists to easily pause and resume work, giving them greater flexibility when, for example, handling interruptions, responding to requests from colleagues or taking time out to perform other job functions. Telemis CEO, Stephane Ketelaer, said: "The ability for medical professionals to quickly and easily access, share and compare relevant files, images and videos from as many places and on as many devices as possible speeds patient diagnosis and treatment. The additional functionalities built in version 4.4 of Telemis-Medical PACS address these requirements, making it simpler for medical staff to do what they do best." As with previous years, Telemis is using this year's Journées Françaises de Radiologie to showcase its latest prototypes and forward-looking technologies. Visitors have the opportunity to exchange their views with Telemis R&D engineers, discuss the benefits of the concepts on show, and vote for their favourite prototype technologies. Telemis is likely to include in future PACS versions the technology concepts that receive the strongest support at this year's event. 19/10/2012


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