RSNA: 15th participation.

This year will mark the 15th time that Telemis has participated in the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) Congress in Chicago. Ever since it was founded in 1999, Telemis has aimed to stand amongst the world's top PACS players. This congress will provide a fresh opportunity to discuss new projects with our customers and prospects, far away from the hectic environment of a busy medical facility. See you very soon in Chicago! (McCormick Place, Booth 1602, Hall A, from 1st to 6th December 2013) 19/11/2013

Next generation Telemis PACS software is faster with more powerful tools for measurement and communication.

Version 4.5 of leading picture archiving and communication platform unveiled at JFR 2013 Telemis, the specialist in medical imaging solutions, has unveiled a new version of its popular PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) software. Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.5 improves diagnostic speed and accuracy and incorporates powerful tools for measuring, tracking and comparing measurements over time. The latest software also provides enhanced support for collaborative working through the efficient and secure transmission and sharing of digital medical images. Launched at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) technical exhibition and congress in Paris, Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.5 offers new tools for monitoring and comparing lesion measurements, including improved techniques for the co-registration of multiple images. At the same time the company has made database access and image streaming much faster. The latest version of the platform also introduces a new concept of simple, integrated image exchange between Telemis PACS-equipped institutions. Speed: Speed and performance are key criteria for hospitals, clinics and medical practices that look to improve efficiency and diagnostic accuracy through the use of a PACS platform. With Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.5, Telemis has significantly improved system speed and response by focusing on improvements to its database and content indexing. Visualization of large volumes of image data is now faster thanks to a new volume imaging server streaming technology, while a "TM- Prefetcher" module allows pre-loading of images to a console from a regional PACS archive. Version 4.5 also incorporates improvements to the TM-Publisher Web regional image distribution solution that supports secure Internet access of images and data. New DICOM functionalities and re-publication features support rapid access of archived images and data and eliminate the need for general practitioners (GPs) and other offsite medical personnel to make specific requests for older data. TM-Publisher Web is compatible with regional networks such as RSW (Réseau de Santé Wallon - Walloon Health Network). Accuracy: To facilitate pathology progression measurement Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.5 features an improved solution for monitoring and comparing radiology results. Simple and rapid comparison with previous reviews and the measurement of new lesions are achieved through an intuitive interface in just a few clicks. Multimodal comparison capabilities ensure precision diagnosis, while the new graphical user interface (GUI) is optimized to the requirements of radiology specialists. Communication: In its latest release Telemis has also enhanced communication between different collaborating medical facilities. With Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.5 users can communicate with nearly 200 hospitals and medical facilities that currently use a Telemis PACS platform - digital images can be sent quickly and securely to another site with as few as three clicks. This eliminates the time, cost and inconvenience of burning images to CD- ROMs and then sending them by overnight courier when seeking second opinions or transferring patients between facilities. Telemis CEO, Stephane Ketelaer, said: "As well as offering new PACS users the very latest in image archiving, retrieval and sharing, the latest version of Telemis-Medical PACS is also a way to thank existing customers who have trusted us for many years. Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.5 provides those customers with a simple and secure way of communicating between different sites, together with faster, more powerful software that supports major advances in aiding diagnostic accuracy." As in previous years, Telemis is using this year's Journées Françaises de Radiologie to showcase its latest prototypes and cutting-edge technologies. Visitors can share their views with Telemis engineers, discuss the benefits of different concepts presented during the show, and vote for their favorite technology prototypes. Those concepts that receive the most votes will be those prioritized for incorporation in future versions of Telemis-Medical PACS. 18/10/2013

Réseau Santé Wallon.

Originating from the initiative of the Regional Federation of Medical Telematics Associations in Wallonia (FRATEM), the Réseau de Santé Wallon health network enables secure exchange of information between doctors for the same patient. In fact, laboratory results and medical reports are accessible to those doctors working in patient monitoring either at a general practice or at hospital in case of emergency, for example. Today, as well as the secure transmission of results in text form, the RSW has enhanced its functions by adding an "image" link to radiology reports and to any medical imaging in general. In fact, any doctor who has already been able to access results in text form, from a radiology examination of their patient will now be able to click on a hyperlink and display the medical image using a simple Internet browser. Telemis subscribes to this approach and supports it fully. Very soon, all the hospital sites equipped with TM-Publisher Web technology will be offered the Telemis part of the "RSW" connection module at no additional cost. More than twenty hospitals will then be able to send an image link to all their medical imaging reports including radiology, nuclear medicine and any other type of result such as microscopy, dermatology etc. Thanks to this module, all general practitioners will be able to show the images corresponding to the medical report available in the RSW with one click. This can all be done without having to load a CD-ROM or enter individual access codes. This nice initiative brings with it a considerable advancement in the quality of medicine in Wallonia. Proud of its company ethos of "Extending Human Life", Telemis cannot avoid being part of such an extensive project. 04/09/2013

Research connection and clinical validation: the role of PACS at the CRLCC in Rouen.

The Centre Henri Becquerel in Rouen and the QuantIF laboratory at the University of Rouen share a special link, which was developed by pooling key resources such as Professor Pierre Vera and his team. However, connections between the developments made in a research laboratory and large-scale clinical validation has always proven relatively complex to set up: how to validate an algorithm rapidly in a clinical environment on a substantial number of patients, while restricting the required physician time? PACS "plug-ins" As a standard feature, Telemis includes a plug-in module, which enables research groups to add certain functionalities to the image viewer via three APIs (Application Program Interfaces). The QuantIF laboratory has already developed half a dozen plug-ins. "Our latest achievement consists of measuring body mass and body fat using a scanner, enabling haematologists to better estimate the therapeutic response to chemotherapy" explains Romain Modzelewski, IT specialist at the Rouen regional cancer centre, who is assigned to the QuantIF laboratory. "We can progress from a few validated trial cases to a potential use for all patients". Just a click away... Thus, for a physician, the validation of a new algorithm for an imaging study is as simple as clicking on the plug-in icon in the Telemis interface. Instead of physicians having to travel to the research centres, research centres become integrated in the everyday work of physicians. 02/08/2013


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