New PACS software extends integrated functionality and minimizes need to use third party tools.

Version 4.7 of leading image archiving and transmission platform offers enhanced radiological and clinical tools. Louvain-la-Neuve, (Belgium), 9. November, 2015 –Telemis, the medical imaging, archiving and transmission specialist, has launched a new version of its popular PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) software at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) technical exhibition and congress in Paris. Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.7 offers new tools for radiologists that include a 4-dimensional magnetic resonance examination viewer, integrated "tumor follow-up" capabilities, and a more efficient volume measurement tracking system. The work of clinicians is further simplified through the availability of 3D visualization and the ability to transfer 360° medical imaging. High levels of built-in functionality mean that Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.7 improves efficiency by reducing the need to switch to third-party imaging solutions. For example, based on research and validation from its customers – including academics, hospitals and practices – Telemis now offers default and advanced multi-echo magnetic resonance and multi-phase visualization tools. For oncology pathologies, which represent more than 40% of cases where PACS software is used, flexible and user-friendly integrated tumor tracking simplifies the management of histories stored on CD-ROM and the monitoring of progress against CHOI, PERCIST and RECIST criteria (1). Clinicians will also benefit from a new three-dimensional visualization tool that better represents pathologies and makes explanations to patients easier. In addition to visualization, version 4.7 also focuses on improved communication. The integration of the "Skype in 1 click" module, for example, improves the dialogue between physicians and, in the case of teleradiology, with imaging technologists. Telemis Group CEO, Stephane Ketelaer, says: "Communication between specialists is fundamental, as is communication between our users and our engineers. Customer satisfaction, built on strong relationships and excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do. This is why, in addition to our hotline service and our base of field engineers, we have integrated a feature into 4.7 that allows any user to connect with a single click to our support platform; whether to request information, participate in discussions on forums, or to signal the need for intervention." As in previous years, Telemis used the JFR event to present its latest prototypes and cutting-edge technologies. Visitors were able to share their views with Telemis engineers, discuss the benefits of the various concepts presented during the show, and vote for their favorite technology prototypes. Concepts that received most votes are likely to be incorporated into future versions of Telemis-Medical PACS. (1) RECIST, PERCIST and CHOI criteria are three tumors evaluation medical criteria commonly used in the oncological aftercare. 09/11/2015  

Telemis see global revenues rise by 500% in ten years.

Ongoing investment in leading PACS platform and high levels of customer service support 13th consecutive year of profitability for medical imaging specialist.   Louvain-la-Neuve, (Belgium), 21. September 2015 – Medical imaging company Telemis has announced results for its 2014 – 2015 financial year that show the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) specialist delivering its 13th consecutive year of profitability on revenues that have grown by almost 500% in a decade.   The company’s latest results follow a year in which Telemis launched a new generation of multi-platform, multi-language MACS (Multimedia Archive and Communication Systems) software while consolidating its position and growing sales with a number of the world’s leading hospitals and healthcare facilities. In addition, a customer survey at almost 200 sites worldwide saw users give the company its highest ever Net Promoter Score (68%) alongside a 97% satisfaction rating.   Telemis revenues for the year to 31st March 2015 were €8,002,157, while year-on-year net profit rose by 79% to €1,189,924. The company further consolidated its strong financial position with total equity at €7,056,074 and a group balance sheet of €14,969,749. Ten years ago group sales were just €1,641,907 and the total balance sheet stood at €2,664,937.   Fundamental to its solid, long-term financial performance has been the Telemis strategy to make significant ongoing investments in both R&D and the resources needed to deliver outstanding customer service. This has allowed the company to consolidate its position with existing users as well as expand its global customer base. Earlier this year, for example, the company announced that Genolier Swiss Medical Network (GSMN), one of the world’s leading network of private clinics, had chosen a Telemis multi-platform, multi-language medical imaging solution for deployment at facilities in all three Swiss language regions. The PACS solution that Telemis implemented at the GSMN clinics provides advanced technology for the instant sharing of images across PC, Mac and mobile platforms.   Other significant achievements during the year included the expansion of a PACS solution at the Ospedale Oftalmico Sperino public hospital in Turin and the creation of new opportunities through the extension of PACS capabilities for tablets and smartphones.   Announcing the results at the annual shareholder meeting, Telemis Group CEO Stephane Ketelaer, stated: “We have achieved revenue growth that represents an average CAGR of 17% over the last ten years, while balance sheet CAGR has been running at 19% over the same period. Our strategy of making significant investments in technology and service is the key to this growth and our solid financial position and will support future growth as we look to further expand our global footprint.”   21/09/2015

TM-Community: a regional sharing tool.

The principle In the Namur area of Belgium, five separate hospitals have set up collaboration processes thanks to the transfer of medical images. This information sharing and these remote partnerships are possible because the hospital departments are equipped with the  TM-Community feature of Telemis-Medical: a solution that provides many benefits to the sites that are connected to it.   The sharing of medical infrastructure amongst many medical sites is one of the most striking advantages: for example,  MRI images taken at the Mont-Godinne Dinant hospital can be sent to the St-Luc clinic in Bouge, and  PET scan images can be sent from the same site to the Sainte-Elisabeth clinic in Namur, St-Luc in Bouge, or indeed the “Wallonie picarde Hospital” in Tournai. This sharing also supports the medical skills of specialists, who can easily call on the experience and opinion of colleagues by sharing images. TM-Community also promotes improved communication in clinical studies.   What does this mean in practice? In practice, the site where the investigation is carried out decides to send the patient file, one or more exams, or just a set of images, to the PACS of another site.  So it's not a case of the remote site going fishing in the local PACS. This procedure complies with privacy rules. And beyond the technology? Following a request for collaboration between two sites, an agreement is drafted, covering the exchange of images and patient data between the hospitals. This agreement must be approved by the medical council and the ethics committees of both sites. According to Hubert Meurisse, leader of the PACS project at the Mont Godinne Dinant Hospital, "The partnership with Telemis has allowed us to make the most of 'telemedicine' technologies and has made a major contribution to reaching our filmless and paperless targets, whilst truly adding value to patient diagnosis and medical monitoring."

Telemis Group certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.

Louvain-la-Neuve, 15th June 2015 - Telemis, specialised in PACS - ‘Picture Archiving & Communication Systems’ solutions for hospitals and imaging centers obtained the ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certification for its headquarters as well as for its three subsidiaries located in Toulouse (France), Torino (Italy) and Neuchatel (Switzerland). Even though the ISO certification is a voluntary process, it consists nevertheless of a thorough examination of all procedures which should be respected by the company so as to ensure the quality of services and products provided. The headquarters based in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) werealready ISO certified. The renewal extended its verification process to all subsidiaries of the group. “The pillars of Telemis being innovation, integration & involvement, this procedure highlights and enhances the “involvement” pillar, so as to guarantee the best service to all clients’ says Stephane Ketelaer, CEO of the group. The ISO 13485:2003 requirements are specific to companies providing medical devices. In addition to that, the ISO 9001:2008, quality system management relates to improving clients’ satisfaction by setting up continuous improvement procedures.


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