JFR 2011: Telemis unveils HD video support and improved collaboration features with latest PACS system.

New version of popular software appears alongside latest demonstrations and prototypes at Paris event Telemis, the specialist in medical imaging solutions, has launched a new version of its popular PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Software) that adds HD video support and improved options for collaboration between medical professionals. Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.3 makes its debut at this year's Journées Françaises de Radiologie exhibition and congress in Paris alongside the company's latest PACS demonstrations, prototypes and 'proof of concept' technologies. For many years, Telemis has championed the multimedia capabilities of its PACS solutions and the addition of HD video support will help hospitals, clinics and private practices to further improve diagnosis and treatment. From HD "DICOMisation" of analogue video sources, to the viewing and editing of HD video from any computer, Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.3 represents yet another step towards a global PACS system that can be used by a wide variety of medical professionals including radiologists, specialists in nuclear medicine, gastroenterologists, endoscopists and surgeons. The move towards a more collaborative PACS system sees two new methods of communication - screen sharing in real time and an instant messaging tool - that will enable radiologists and clinicians to work more efficiently together. These innovations will speed and simplify the ability of two experts to share their views. Version 4.3 of Telemis-Medical PACS also features other improvements such as universal search and more precise hip measurement techniques. Traditionally, Telemis also uses the Journées Françaises de Radiologie to showcase the latest prototypes under development. This year users will be invited to exchange their views with Telemis experts, and offer support to the best idea presented. Telemis is likely to include in future PACS versions the prototype technology that will receive most votes at this year's event. 21/10/2011

Telemis profits fuelled by European expansion and investment in innovative technology.

Ninth consecutive profitable year for medical imaging specialist sees number of European installations grow to 175 Telemis, the specialist in medical imaging solutions, has reported its ninth consecutive profitable year as a result of a strategy that has seen continued European expansion and ongoing R&D investment. Consolidated net earnings for 2010 - 2011 were €664,481 on a consolidated turnover of €6,841,952, up from €6,582,656 in the previous year. The company continued to operate with minimum balance sheet debt thanks to total assets of over €9.5 million and cash reserves of €3.8 million. The successful results follow a year in which Telemis expanded its operations in Europe through organic growth and the acquisition of leading Italian PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) specialist Micromedica Ltd. As a result the company now has a European installed base of 175 hospitals and private practices. Telemis also continued to make significant R&D investments in 2010 - 2011 as well as building business from global medical OEMs. The latest results were unveiled at the recent annual shareholders' meeting where Stephane Ketelaer, CEO of the Telemis group, commented: "With a strong balance sheet and consistent profitability Telemis remains in an excellent position to continue its strategy for growth, which is based on innovative technologies, geographic expansion and sales to medical OEMs. The acquisition of Micromedica consolidated our European position and contributed to the expansion of our installed base in Europe, while our high levels of investment in R&D helped us meet the advanced imaging and PACS requirements of both direct customers and OEMs." 26/07/2011


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