Product Range

Product range for healthcare institutions


TM-All In One PACS / MACS Package

Software licenses for acquisition, storage and back-up, and viewing of medical images hospital wide, for one or several geographical locations. Two extra customized integration modules are included: TM-Patient ID Checker and TM-Link.

TM-Publisher Package

The TM-Publisher solution allows distribution of images externally to referring physicians, including software modules and hardware equipment. It offers different alternatives to distribute images: 
  • CD/DVD burning solution: each CD/DVD contains images and the necessary viewers
  • Paper printing solution: results of examinations can automatically be printed on paper
  • Web image distribution: images can also be distributed on a secure web server.


TM-Mammo Package

Designed to read mammography images coming from any type of mammography modality, this complete hardware and software PACS solution is optimized for rapid comparison with earlier images. The package includes two black & white 5 MP medical monitors, one extra color monitor for RIS or Worklist viewing, storage capacity of 1TB and a dedicated keypad for rapid viewing.


For diagnosis at home on call


How do you photograph a wound, knocks and injuries, or a dermatological condition whilst protecting the patient's identity? With a solution called TM-Capture, you can do this using a smartphone or tablet.
The purpose of the TM-Capture product is to transform a smart device into a medical imaging modality, allowing you to identify the patient and then acquire the data and send it to storage systems. It is therefore comparable to endoscopes, EEGs, ECGs, radiological CT Scanner consoles, etc. This product forms a part of our MACS (Multimedia Archiving & Communication System) concept.

Customized Integration Modules

A program of licenses and services that allow a perfect integration in your existing healthcare environment.
Our integrated add-on modules

To cover very specific medical images management needs hospital wide, Telemis can offer a wide range of add-on modules that are fully integrated for the user with Telemis-Medical PACS solution. Here are a few examples of add-on modules that have been integrated with the solution : 

  • Aquarius iNtuition 
- Distributed advanced 3D post-processing solution developed by Terarecon

  • VITALConnect®
 - Distributed advanced 3D post-processing solution developed by Vital Images

  • Syngovia 
- Distributed advanced 3D reading solution developed by Siemens

  • OrthoView™
 Distributed orthopedic digital template planning solution for orthopedic surgeons developed by orthoview


MC-20 / MC-30

The new generation of medical reprography
Providing a high quality image and immediate results, the user friendly and compact MC-20 and MC-30 devices can be connected to all modalities.   
The MC-20 comes with a remote control to operate the device and adapt the settings. Still images as well as video feeds can be burned to CD/DVD (optional).
The MC-30 comes with a touch screen which allows repeat function, visualization of the current page, selection, image edition and study archiving.