Réseau Santé Wallon.

Originating from the initiative of the Regional Federation of Medical Telematics Associations in Wallonia (FRATEM), the Réseau de Santé Wallon health network enables secure exchange of information between doctors for the same patient. In fact, laboratory results and medical reports are accessible to those doctors working in patient monitoring either at a general practice or at hospital in case of emergency, for example.

Today, as well as the secure transmission of results in text form, the RSW has enhanced its functions by adding an "image" link to radiology reports and to any medical imaging in general.

In fact, any doctor who has already been able to access results in text form, from a radiology examination of their patient will now be able to click on a hyperlink and display the medical image using a simple Internet browser.

Telemis subscribes to this approach and supports it fully. Very soon, all the hospital sites equipped with TM-Publisher Web technology will be offered the Telemis part of the "RSW" connection module at no additional cost. More than twenty hospitals will then be able to send an image link to all their medical imaging reports including radiology, nuclear medicine and any other type of result such as microscopy, dermatology etc. Thanks to this module, all general practitioners will be able to show the images corresponding to the medical report available in the RSW with one click. This can all be done without having to load a CD-ROM or enter individual access codes.

This nice initiative brings with it a considerable advancement in the quality of medicine in Wallonia. Proud of its company ethos of "Extending Human Life", Telemis cannot avoid being part of such an extensive project.