Latests Telemis PACS combines 360° medical imaging and new ultrasounds tools with solutions for smartphones and tablets.

Version 4.6 of leading image archiving and transmission platform adds new multi-planar processing and ultrasound reporting capabilities and more options for flexible capture and viewing

Telemis, the medical imaging, archiving and transmission specialist, has launched a new version of its leading PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) software at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) technical exhibition and congress in Paris. Telemis-Medical PACSversion 4.6 includes advanced functions for 360° medical imaging and ultrasound reporting and offers a new architecture to reduce image processing overheads. Version 4.6 also supports migration to true MACS (Multimedia Archiving and Communication System) functionality by providing a route to handling non-DICOM images, including pictures from smartphones and tablets.

Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.6 delivers enhanced 360° capabilities through new tools for multi-planar processing alongside revolutionary new capabilities for reporting ultrasound data. The latter dramatically improve the readability of results by clearly positioning screenshot markers. Furthermore, in line with the Telemis philosophy of continual improvement, the latest Telemis-Medical PACS also offers two new platform options: TM-ZFP (Telemis-Medical Zero Footprint) that improves the flexibility for viewing images within hospitals and other medical facilities; and TM-Capture, which supports the capture and sharing of images using mobile devices.

TM-ZFP does not require installation of software on computers, tablets or other technology used by medical staff and reduces the overhead of image post-processing on external systems. When used with suitable hardware TM-ZFP allows radiologists and other medical professionals to make more diagnoses and observations from a single console. Work can be optimized for any screen, including those used in boardrooms.

Telemis-Medical PACS version 4.6 also supports true MACS (Multimedia Archiving and Communication System) functionality by providing options for handling non-DICOM data through TM-Dicomizer and the new Telemis TM-Capture product. TM-Dicomizer provides solutions for integrating images from devices such as endoscopes into a PACS system, while TM-Capture enables clinicians to photograph and share images that are tagged to specific patients using smartphones or tablets. These additional products are a major breakthrough for therapeutic monitoring in areas ranging from dermatology to accident and emergency. With TM-Capture, for instance, a doctor, nurse, clinician or other medical professional can identify the patient, record images and videos and send them directly to the host PACS system. This simplifies the observation and recording of evolving symptoms and provides for optimized internal and external sharing of information.

Telemis Group CEO Stephane Ketelaer says: "These new platforms not only guarantee our customers technological sustainability of their PACS solutions, but also open new doors to the use of PACS in a more clinical setting. Building on our 'Extending Human Life' mission, the latest announcement contributes to our goal of bringing technology closer to clinical practice and at the service of as many healthcare professionals as possible."

As in previous years, Telemis will use the JFR event to present its latest prototypes and cutting-edge technologies. Visitors can share their views with Telemis engineers, discuss the benefits of the various concepts presented during the show, and vote for their favourite technology prototypes. Concepts that receive the most votes are likely to be incorporated into future versions of Telemis-Medical PACS.