Teleradiology and 24/7 care: a reality in Deauville and Lisieux.

In order to ensure complete 24/7 healthcare coverage, in the Pays d'Auge, Côte Fleurie Hospital and Lisieux Hospital have implemented teleradiology technology, whereby each location is equipped with its own administrative system and its own RIS.

What does this mean?
Radiological emergency services and, in recent months, some teleradiology services are provided jointly by Deauville and Lisieux. The scan is conducted in Deauville, based on the instructions issued by the teleradiologist under the supervision of an anaesthetist, and the images can be accessed from the hospital in Lisieux for reporting purposes. In a matter of seconds, the imaging study is made accessible to the radiologist on duty in Lisieux. The teleradiologist deals with the incoming imaging request and the patient in his/her RIS and is able to use his/her usual tools such as voice recognition, PACS console, and so on. As the investigation request is essential for diagnosis, it is also available and archived. Once the report is drawn up in the RIS of Lisieux Hospital, it is sent again via secure email to the requesting location.

The verdict ?
As Dr. J. Albisetti confirms: "The driving force behind this achievement has been primarily medical. Likewise, the use of Telemis has met a practical need at a lower cost to institutions, and offers easy access to images in our usual working interface. Our whole medical group has endorsed the system unanimously."