GSMN chooses Telemis multi-platform medical imaging technology for Swiss clinics.

Secure solution enhances premium patient care at facilities in all three Swiss language regions

Louvain-la-Neuve, (Belgium), 2. February 2015 – Genolier Swiss Medical Network (GSMN), Switzerland’s second largest network of private clinics, has chosen PACS (picture archiving and communication system) specialist Telemis to provide a multi-platform, multi-language medical imaging solution. The secure solution, which has been implemented at all fifteen of GSMN’s clinics, speeds the provision of quality care by allowing medical staff and patients to quickly and easily share and view medical images.

GSMN - the only private medical company to operate in all three of the Swiss language regions - provides the highest possible levels of care to both Swiss and foreign patients. The company employs around 2300 people, of which around 1400 are doctors.

The PACS solution that Telemis has implemented at the GSMN clinics provides advanced technology for the instant sharing of images across PC, Mac and mobile platforms. Image sharing takes place within the highest levels of security to ensure patient privacy and guarantee data confidentiality. An intuitive user interface is available in English, French, German and Italian.

Using the new system, medical staff and GSMN patients themselves can see a variety of images just a few minutes after they are created. In addition to the radiological images traditionally associated with PACS implementations, the GSMN system will also cover images associated with surgery and dermatology as well as pictures of other conditions including bedsores.

Dr Jean-Pascal Verdon, a radiology specialist working at the GSMN Institut d'Imagerie Médicale in Genolier, comments: “The Telemis solution is a high-end tool for our demanding Swiss and foreign patient base that helps GSMN doctors speed the care they provide. It also allows us to seek instantaneous second opinions from university hospital experts with just a few clicks. The system supports the delivery of the best possible patient management, including ensuring a prompt return home following treatment.”

Telemis Group CEO Stephane Ketelaer adds: “Reduced waiting times, provision of the best possible medical expertise, and full respect for patient privacy and confidentiality are fundamental aspects of our ‘Extending Human Life’ mission. Offering secure support for multiple platforms, languages and locations, the new system delivers on all of these criteria and further enhances the premium care that GSMN can provide to patients.”