Telemis announces further expansion in Italy with acquisition of Turin-based Micromedica

Telemis, the specialist in medical imaging solutions, has further consolidated its position in Italy with the acquisition of Micromedica Ltd, one of the country’s leading PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) vendors.

Under the terms of the Telemis acquisition, Micromedica becomes part of the Telemis Group and Gian Paolo Robutti, the Micromedica managing director, takes the position of general manager for Telemis in Italy.

Telemis extended its operations into Italy in 2009 with the opening of Telemis Italia SRL. The acquisition of Micromedica – which is in line with the Telemis strategy to support the growth of PACS and MACS (Multimedia Archiving and Communication System) markets in Europe - will significantly strengthen the sales and technical support capabilities that the company can offer Italian customers.

Turin-based Micromedica has specialised in the storage and management of radiology images since it was founded (as ERRE PI) in 1975. Since then the company has built an extensive base of customers that includes some of Northern Italy’s largest public hospitals. Among its key customers are

  • Molinette Radiologia Centrale, Turin
  • Molinette Radiologia di PS, Turin
  • Ospedale San Luigi di Orbassano (TO)
  • Ospedale IRCC di Candiolo (TO)
  • Ospedale Oftalmico, Turin
  • Ospedale Valdese, Turin
  • Ospedale di Veruno (NO)
  • Ospedale Evangelico di Genova

Stephane Ketelaer, CEO of the Telemis group, states: “Alongside innovative technologies and increased OEM sales, a key pillar of the Telemis growth strategy is geographic expansion. The acquisition of Micromedica is in line with that strategy and will help Telemis to become one of Italy’s most significant PACS and MACS players.”

He adds: “Through the acquisition, customers in Italy will benefit from a combination of improved access to the advanced Telemis product and service portfolio and the comprehensive sales and support capabilities of the Micromedica team.”

Gian Paolo Robutti states: “Micromedica has built an enviable position as a strong local PACS vendor in Northern Italy. The agreement with Telemis is great news for existing Micromedica customers as it will ensure access to all of the resources and support they need to address their future needs. At the same time, the local sales and support teams can now more easily address requirements that go beyond radiology. For example, the Telemis portfolio can provide imaging and multimedia storage and communication solutions for nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and other departments in hospitals, clinics and private practices.”

(Thursday, January 20, 2011)