R&D Engineer specialising in Java development (Front-End)


  • Responsibility for certain features will be assigned to you; for these, you will analyse new development needs and help make strategic and technological choices in the light of your expertise.
  • You use your graphical interface skills to develop software components, especially diagnostic tools. These developments can take advantage of your knowledge of analytical geometry.
  • You contribute to the overall quality of the software, in particular via "code reviews".



  • You have a Master's degree in "Civil Engineering" or "Industrial Engineering specialising in Information Technology" or you possess equivalent knowledge of information technology and mathematics.
  • You have solid experience as a front-end Java and/or JavaScript developer (necessary knowledge of a framework such as Swing, JavaFX, Angular, React, or equivalent).
  • Your knowledge of analytical geometry allows you to process 2D/3D data to create diagnostic tools or image analysis algorithms (experience with VTK or ITK frameworks is a plus).
  • You are flexible and you know how to respond to needs according to their urgency.
  • You are fully fluent in French and have a good level of English.
  • Experience in medical imaging is a plus for this job.
  • For information, our technology stack is as follows: #java, #swing, #angular, #spring, #javascript, #rest, #maven, #wildfly, #tomcat, #vtk, #itk, #intelliJ, #svn, #git, #jenkins, #atlassian_suite, #sonar, #scrum, #dicom, #hl7.


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