Telemis hits record Customer Satisfaction numbers in 2014.

Product and customer service quality is fundamental for Telemis. To keep an eye on quality levels, the company regularly carries out satisfaction surveys among its customers and has today chosen to reveal the outcome for 2014.

The survey's primary aim is to assess customer satisfaction with the product, but Telemis also wanted to address other aspects. The quality of its installation service, on-site customer follow-up and the hotline were therefore also rated. The survey was sent out to the radiology department manager, the IT manager and the "PACS manager" of 198 customer sites.

What did we learn?
In addition to an interesting response rate, which stands at 74%, making the survey a very good indicator of reality, the study also has a particularly interesting Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is a common market research tool used to measure overall satisfaction with a product or service. An NPS ranges between -100% and +100%, where a score of 50% can be considered excellent. Telemis is delighted to report that its users gave an NPS of 68% in the 2014 survey. By comparison, Apple's iPad received an NPS of 65% in 2012 and Amazon 69%, whereas Adobe and HP products come in at 33% and 34% respectively.

Almost 97% of all Telemis' users considered themselves satisfied with the installation of their PACS! And more than 72% of customers consider their relationship with Telemis engineers very satisfactory. Quality of customer support was also rated, with satisfaction scores in excess of 95% for ease of access, time-to-resolution and the quality of the solution provided.

To top it all, the figures reflect an improvement on the 2012 survey in all areas. The study results were audited by the international market research agency ListenĀ®.