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The “TM” product line allows healthcare institutions to manage their medical digital imaging and assists in the move towards a filmless environment. The product line provides modular and scalable PACS solutions that will integrate into your existing healthcare information system.
Images can be shared inside the institution (intra-mural) between the imaging departments and other units (ICU, etc.). The solution also offers opportunities for sharing medical imaging  extra-mural, between multiple institutions.
The products provide easy, fast and secure access to all images. A nearly unlimited number of storage and archiving systems, including NAS, SAN and DVD Jukebox systems, are supported by the Telemis PACS.
At Telemis, we believe that a professional image transmission system is only credible with high level security, optimized compression and transmission algorithms, everything being tailored to the doctor's needs. Only this combination brings you the efficiency necessary to work at home on emergency cases, to implement virtual interactive consultation, and to benefit from quick second opinion diagnostics.
Telemis develops solutions which integrate all types of medical images and diagnostic results. Image files, text files, video files, speech files, and others can be archived and recalled very easily at a mouse click.
The “TM” product family includes a broad range of integrated clinical solutions for areas such as for orthopedics, cardiology and breast imaging, meeting the unique requirements and specialized needs of today’s physicians. Telemis-Medical PACS also interfaces with existing hospital information systems, such as RIS, HIS and EPR.