The local Rennes group of independent radiologists has installed a state-of-the art PACS system, working closely with software supplier Telemis and the information systems service provider TIGS.

The IRLDR (Rennes Independent Radiologists’ Information System) EIG, a local group of independent radiologists in Rennes, has implemented a state-of-the-art PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) using Telemis as software supplier and TIGS as information systems service provider. This very significant project enables some 600,000 exams per year to be exchanged and shared with the sole objective of improving the treatment path for the patients involved.

With this new system in place, the GIE IRLDR now has at its fingertips all aspects of the latest management techniques for multi-site management, and also the benefits of being able to share the images with all the practitioners in the various establishments involved in the program.

As Coralie Morel, the Group’s administrator, says “This ambitious project covers all the centres producing and using radiological images within the regional grouping, including, among others,
the cross-sectional imaging centres in Cesson-Sévigné, Saint-Grégoire, Saint Laurent and La Sagesse, plus the 17 independent radiology practices in the Rennes conurbation

The IRLDR Group has taken a strategic step with this new solution, fully embracing modernity in managing medical imagery. Now all the exams produced by the imaging centres in the region can be made available to the general practitioners and specialists working in local practices, or within the Group’s partner clinics.

Dr. MARION, Radiologist in the Saint-Grégoire site, explains “we have achieved an enormous time-saving in the treatment of patients who, thanks to this new super-communicating system, may now be much better served by their doctors, irrespective of where the imaging has been carried out.
In particular, the exchange and sharing aspect that is now in place is ideally suited to the requirements of a multi-site group such as ours

Coralie Morel highlights the fact that this new solution not only allows sending the images to the specialist doctor’s workstation but it also allows making them available to patients via our website. This is handled in total compliance with all the confidentiality and security rules and regulations from the relevant health authorities.

Dr. Jonathan LEHBAR, orthopaedic surgeon at the Institut Locomoteur de l’Ouest in the Saint-Grégoire Private Hospital Centre (CHP) sees a genuine benefit for patients and during consultations. He can share the images with colleagues and provide additional precision in the information given to patients. Today, digitisation has brought profound changes to the way in which patients receive treatment.
With digital technology, communication between local doctors and their patients has been revolutionised.

For Dr. Alexia LE BRETON, ENT surgeon at the same Saint-Grégoire CHP, “this solution constitutes a great leap forward in the way my everyday activities are organised. I can be analysing images in MPR and at the same time seek a second opinion when necessary”.

Our aim going forward with the system is to be able to foster a much closer and more integrated collaboration with all the health establishments in the département and in the wider region.