MACS symposium... Towards a territorial approach!

The 10th Telemis Symposium on the theme "from territorial PACS to MACS" was held on Thursday, 14 January 2016 at the Cercle National des armées.

Prof. Jacques Monteil and Mr. Cédric Gervaux of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Limoges attested to the 'niche' aspect of nuclear medicine in PACS/MACS with the integration of images, by means of appropriate, more ergonomic and "RCP" oriented fusion tools through the Telemis tool.

Mr Joël Petit, Medical-Technical Project Manager at the Centre Hospitalier of Versailles explained that the "stress tests, endoscopies, anatomical pathology images, videos made in the operating theatres, as well as radiography and nuclear medicine, were stored until now in Telemis PACS, or rather in Telemis MACS" and could be accessed by everyone in the facility.

Dr Pascal Beroud, former President of the Union of Hospital Radiologists, Head of the Imaging Unit of the Groupe Hospitalier Est Francilien, spoke about the coordination required in managing continuity of care across the 3 facilities of the Nord Seine and Marne region and stressed that "the challenge of imaging is not only in acquiring new imaging methods but also and above all in the new territorial organisations to be established.  The question of Public / Private collaboration remains central to current debates".

Mr. Laurent Roussel, Information System Manager of the Caen Cancer Centre, presented his portal for dissemination of results which enables more than one thousand doctors to access orders, prescriptions, laboratory results, reports and also medical imaging securely and in real time with the link to the Telemis regional imaging portal.

In the second part of the day, MrsDominique Radureau, Manager of Strategy and Coordination CHT Rance Emeraude (St Malo, Dinan, Cancale), in a joint presentation with Dr. Nicolas Morcet, independent radiologist and Administrator of GCS (comprising the hospitals of Saint Malo, Dinan and the independent radiologists group of Cèdres) illustrated the public/private territorial cooperation on imaging covering several private/public facilities, in particular two hospitals, two radiology centres and three radiology clinics.

The day ended with a round table session led by Dr. Jacques Albisetti, national coordinator of the SFR-Téléradio Group and member of the CA of the Union of Hospital Radiologists and Dr. Jean-Luc Montazel (independent radiologist from Annecy) highlighted that teleradiology brought together two previously disconnected worlds, the public and the private, and represented the way forward.

Following this event, we answered the question: "Why does Telemis organise this type of event"? As a manufacturer, it is important for Telemis to bring together local stakeholders and to be proactive in organising this type of event, encouraging a sharing of views, where functional and technical exchanges on these subjects, which are at the heart of today's concerns, can take place.